What Does Testosterone Have to Do with Weight Loss?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

No matter the amount of effort and the time you spend in the gym, all may be a waste if you suffer from low testosterone. Do you think you are alone? The shocking revelation from various surveys conducted is that about 25% of 30 years old males are suffering from the problem of low testosterone and funny enough majority of these men are ignorant of the prevalent issue that is peculiar to men! If you notice that your libido is drastically reducing and the scale continues to increase, low testosterone might be responsible. Cheer up! I have good news for you! If the case is appropriately treated with correct analysis and treatment, you will on your way to weight in a bid to regain your vigor.

A Hormone with Versatile Effects

Multifaceted effects are exerted on your body by testosterone that goes beyond adjusting fertility as well as bone mass. Aside from regulating fertility and bone mass, testosterone also performs the role of fat dispersal and the number of muscles you can build and sustain. Therefore, any low harmful levels can impact you in several ways parts of which include changes in your body mass. Your testosterone level naturally decreases as you grow older. Nevertheless, we at The MEN Clinic have seen several men with below-normal testosterone levels for their age.

Testosterone and Muscle Mass

Lack of testosterone in men makes it tougher for them to build and sustain muscle mass. The amount of muscles in your body as a man determines how you will be able to regulate your weight. Maintaining muscles require a lot of energy and to achieve this, you need more calories in your system. Having enough energy and the right amount of calories helps in balancing the amount of food you consume and the amount of energy you burn as fuel. The more substantial the amount of muscle you have, the bigger the calories you burn!

Therefore a decrease beyond the reasonable level of testosterone in your body will result in a mass decline of our muscle thereby causing a slowdown of metabolism. This domino effect gives way for weight gain which makes stubborn fat not to be bothered no matter the number of efforts you put into checking what you eat and your gym workout.

Testosterone and Fat Storage

Fat cells which are once seen as idle storage spots have started acting like other organs by stashing chemicals, conveying signals, and manipulating your other body parts. For example, fat cells manufacture aromatase, an enzyme that transforms testosterone to estrogen, meanwhile any discrepancy in the levels of your testosterone and estrogen results in body fat increase as well as dictating where fat is stored. Therefore, a low level of testosterone increases fat in the stomach, and any excessive abdominal fat is not only aesthetically unpleasant, but it also increases your chance of developing heart disease.

A Vicious Cycle

Apart from the fact that low testosterone increases body mass, it also makes it difficult to reduce weight, enhances your abdominal fat as well as setting off a vicious cycle. In a nutshell, a low level of testosterone upsurges body fat, and these excessive fats weaken your body’s ability to create testosterone and effectively utilize it. This further lowered your already below-normal testosterone level. Unfortunately, once you are on this vicious hamster cycle, it will be very problematic to break it without amending the testosterone shortage.

How Testosterone Therapy Helps

With a combination of reasonable workout, testosterone therapy manufactures significant weight reduction in men that are suffering from lower-than-standard levels of testosterone. Amending the quantity of testosterone in your body aids you in upholding lean form as you burnout body fat.

As your testosterone levels regularize, your metabolism will also escalate to burn additional calories and improve your fat circulation.

Do you notice that you are suffering from low testosterone? The MEN Clinic is ready to give you a way out! Reach out now for help!

We hope you enjoy these posts and we're glad you're being proactive in your health maintenance. To schedule an appointment please call us at 956-581-2168 or visit for more information.

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