KETO Diet - Turn Your Body Into A FAT-BURNING Machine!

Turning Your Body Into A FAT-BURNING Machine!

The word KETO stands for KETOGENIC and derives from the word KETONES. KETONES are little molecules that your body naturally produces for ENERGY, but only when there isn't enough glucose (sugar) available. Essentially what The KETO Diet does, is train your body to use KETONES for energy rather than SUGAR, which is a Carbohydrate (Carb).

In simple terms, The KETO Diet is a very Low-Carb, High-Fat and Moderate-Protein Diet.

The KETO Diet consists of reducing your carbohydrate intake like Starches and Sugars, and replacing them with FAT & Protein. By doing this, your body’s metabolism essentially gets starved of sugar and quickly begins trying to find energy wherever it can. That’s where KETONES comes in. KETONES are molecules your body produces when breaking down fatty acids (FAT). Your body can use KETONES for energy rather than Carbs, but will always prefer a Carb over a KETONE. That is why we recommend the KETO Diet for weight-loss and weight-management because it gets your fat-burning metabolism jump-started. This happens on The KETO Diet because by having low levels of carbohydrates in your blood, your body begins to break down fat for energy and is why your body turns into a FAT-BURNING machine.

KETONES are made from breaking down Fat, and Carbs are used to build Fat.

You may have heard of this process referred to as KETOSIS. KETOSIS is when your body breaks down fat at such a rapid pace, that it produces too many KETONES and has to drain some from your body. Your body has fulfilled it’s energy demands and now is in the metabolic state of KETOSIS where it’s literally BURNING FAT like a FAT-BURNING MACHINE!

In simple terms, KETOSIS is your body draining the excess KETONES from your system because it has no need for them since your body already has the energy resources it needs.

For Links Of Recipes that we recommend that Follow the KETO Diet check out the link below

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