4 Foods That Kill Testosterone Levels

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

1. Soyfoods and products that contain Soy

Research studies have noted that because of the physical similarity of soy to estrogen, that it may behave in a similar way. Papers have noted that eating soy affects the testosterone and estrogen levels found in men, however, because of the low amount of research on this topic, more studies are needed [1] The good news however is that research shows that when a man stopped eating soy, their estrogen levels returned to normal.

2. Dairy products

Cow’s milk contains synthetic and natural hormones, which might affect a person’s testosterone levels because of the large amount of oestrogens found in dairy products. [2] On top of that, the feed used to feed the cows may contain soy, which could increase the levels of estrogen in the cow’s milk, which increases the estrogen level in the person drinking it.

3. Alcohol

Heavy drinking or regular drinking over long periods causes an increase of estrogen and a decrease of testosterone in males [3] Interestingly, research suggests that regular alcohol consumption increases testosterone levels in women.

4. Bread and other High Carb Foods

Diets high in bread, pastries, and other desserts to lower total testosterone levels in men [4] Additionally, pastries and other bread products are made with Dairy Products and often contain Soy, which is why Bread is believed to increase estrogen levels in men and decrease testosterone levels. Bread is the 6th most popular food in the world [5]

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