TESTOSTERONE levels decrease with age and stress due to:

  • more responsibilities at home

  • more stress at the workplace

  • longer hours on the job

  • body aches develop

  • bad eating habits

  • lack of exercise

STEP 1 - Find Your Nearest Labcorp or Blood Drawing Station

STEP 2 - Contact Us or Fill Out Online Form So We Can Learn About You And Collect Your Initial Form Of Payment - Initial Labs, Consultations is $200

STEP 3 - Wellness Coordinator will contact you about Patient Portal and how to activate your account. Wellness Coordinator will also provide instructions to complete the necessary lab work.

or for more info you can Text us "INFO" at (956)542-4436

STEP 4 - Get Ready To Feel Like A New Man!


+ One-Time $200 Payment To Get Started

Plan includes: Consults, Labs, T Shots

What Are Patients Saying About Us?

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 All Medical Care Should Include A Physical Exam By Your Primary Physician. If You Want Us To Do Your Physical Exam, We Can Arrange To Have It Done At Our Office

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