The Truth about Testosterone... 

TESTOSTERONE levels decrease with age and stress, due to longer hours on the job and more responsibility expected from today's working man. 

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Plan Includes:

All Patient Consults

All Physical Exams

Lab Testing

All T shots

Want more information about Testosterone Replacement? Submit your information in the form below and one of our Wellness Coordinators will contact you to go over your symptoms and set you up with an appointment.

​Our process is simple, you submit your information, a wellness coordinator contacts you to go over your symptoms, your blood is drawn, we check your levels, if your Testosterone levels show that you are suffering from Low T, you will then have a physical done with our Doctor. From your results, our Doctor will be able to go over your options and see if you'd be interested in our Testosterone Replacement Program. 

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 All Medical Care Should Include A Physical Exam By Your Primary Physician. If You Want Us To Do Your Physical Exam, We Can Arrange To Have It Done At Our Office

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